SMART features

SIGN2BILL is a digital work order solution that will streamline your invoicing processes. The end result is your admin time is more than halved and you get paid faster.


to every staff member

SIGN2BILL enables you to quickly create and allocate a “ToDo” task to any of your mobile workforce, on the fly.

The task notification is emailed to the staff member who can either log in to the system to action it or re-assign it. Every “ToDo” task can include the customer’s contact details (including a link to Google maps), a deadline and other relevant notes about the service/job. The technician can also add his own additional notes to the job card during the process.

What’s more, if you are a Paid SIGN2BILL Subscriber then you also benefit from

  • being able to identify and track call-outs and all associated costs against a specific asset (very useful when you or your customer need to keep a handle on the escalating maintenance costs of a particular piece of hardware, for example);
  • take photos that can be attached to the job card for further proof of work done.

Once the customer is satisfied that the task is done, your technician will simply open the electronic job card via his smartphone, tablet or other mobile device and the customer can sign on the dotted line with his finger. It’s that simple to get your customer to sign off on a completed task!

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on the go

Once a ToDo has been completed for a customer:
  • The electronic job card is immediately available, listing the relevant details from the ToDo ticket and the way the task /service needs to be measured and paid for automatically e.g. maintenance vs installation task, time / km / quantity;
  • If your technician took a photo of the work done then this can be attached and viewed with the job card*
  • Your customer confirms the service/work done by electronically signing the job card using their finger;
  • You can select to email the job card to the customer when closing the ticket.
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NOTE: if you have a Paid Subscription on SIGN2BILL (i.e. not the FREE account) then you can enable 2 additional and significant features to streamline the job card admin:

the Remote Signing function – allows your technicians to close and email a job card to the customer without it being signed off first. In other words, if the customer isn’t onsite, your technician doesn’t have to waste time sticking around until the job card is physically signed off –the customer simply opens the electronic job card sign emailed to him and signs it off on screen, before emailing it back to your technician.

Creating a job card after the job has been completed; for those situations where multiple/additional job cards need to be created off the back of a single call-out, or where there was no WIFI available to create and complete the job card process.

And if you’re concerned about keeping on top of job cards that haven’t been signed off, don’t. With SIGN2BILL’s automated workflows and reports, it’s easy to keep tabs on the status of job cards in the system.

*You need to have a Paid For Subscription to be able to make use of the photo functionality. Click here to view the Pricing page or immediately upgrade your subscription when you log in to the system.


to suit your customers

When you set up your customer’s profile in the system, you need to specify what services/ jobs you will do for them, what charge-out rates will be applied to them specifically and if they’re on a retainer or not. You only need to set up the customer’s profile once for these details to be carried through to each job card – no more manual checks, no more billing errors and no more unmanaged retainers.

There are no limits to the number of general (or retainer) customer profiles and accounts you can set up on SIGN2BILL, nor are there any limits to the number and type of goods & services (and differentiated fees) you can set up, associate and link to your customer profiles’. With SIGN2BILL you can easily do a recon and generate a summary and/or detailed report of all the billable and non-billable charges, as well as the total amount owing, for that customer, at any time of the month.

Whether a retainer or COD/general customer, you can create professionally branded invoices (with your logo/relevant billing details automatically included on the invoice). You can also send your customer the signed off job card(s) as proof of the service/work completed.

What’s more, if you’re a Paid Subscriber, you can enable an additional feature, giving you the ability to track and report on the costs occurred against an itemised asset on behalf of your customer.

This streamlined ‘back office admin’, the automated workflows and the flexibility around customer billing ensures your invoicing processes are slick, professional and reliable. Which in turn means…..The faster you can invoice, the faster you can expect to get paid!

SIGN2BILL automates all aspects of retainers so that retainer rates or managing and proving call-outs is aligned and tracked back to signed-off job cards.

With the automation comes the ability to track active and historical retainer details and even specify retainer limits on service items/ components at a customer level. You can also see at a glance what the balance of the retainer is at a ‘closing off period’.

In a situation where your customer has reached the retainer limit, SIGN2BILL will automatically bill for all subsequent work at the ‘out of contract’ rate that you would have stipulated when you initially set up that customer’s retainer profile.

No more lost earnings and over-exploited retainers!

What’s more, you can upload your company logo to send professional reports to your customers at month-end, with a full and detailed summary of the service transactions completed for them.


improves productivity

SIGN2BILL provides a variety of different reporting features that enable you to, amongst other things:
SIGN2BILL | Features | Rapid Reporting
  • View a history of a Client’s call-outs; the services they’ve made use of as well as all the billable information;
  • Respond quickly to any customer query about their account by emailing them the full report as proof of work done as well as the electronic version of the signed-off job cards;
  • Understand what services are the most popular, which are the most profitable or where your non-billable expenses are heaviest;

If you are a Paid Subscriber to Sign2Bill and have multiple users, then the reports can further benefit your business as you can now:

  • Get a clear view of which of your workforce are juggling the most job cards and exactly who they are working for and what they are billing – even if your mobile team includes a sub-contractor or temp
  • Report on a specific Asset belonging to your customer, enabling you to give valuable feedback on expensive resources or maybe even the opportunity to upsell an alternative solution to your client;
  • Easily and quickly pull a list of any job cards that haven’t been signed off (remote signatures outstanding) yet in preparation for month-end billing;

The reports can be backed up by the electronic version of the signed-off job cards, or even extracted to an XLS spreadsheet.

Visit our FAQ section if you want to know more about the SIGN2BILL features
and how the system works.