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Reduce back office admin, boost productivity, speed up payments and get smarter insights with SIGN2BILL – the ultimate field service management tool.

SIGN2BILL is the simplified way to electronically manage your call-outs and billings on the go!
Quickly set up and register your customers, allocate the billing rates specific to them and list the range of goods and services they’ll be using.

To register:

The FREE account is perfect for a one man (or woman) service business. However, if you need more than 1 person to create job cards and update the SIGN2BILL system, or if you will need to create more than 20 job cards in a month, then upgrade your account with the following simple steps:

  1. Login with your FREE account details
  2. Click on Manage: My Subscription on the left hand menu screen
  3. Click on Change Subscription
  4. Click on the Subscription Type drop down menu and select how many users you would like to activate to use SIGN2BILL
  5. Click on Purchase to change your subscription and you will be automatically redirected to PayPal to settle for the additional Users.

Remember, if you have the FREE account, you can only have 1 user and there are some limitations in functionality available to you*.

*What are the key differences between a FREE account and a Paid multi-user Subscription account?

The FREE account was created as a trial account to give you an idea of the great functionality offered by SIGN2BILL so it’s limited to 20 job cards a month, while the Personal account is perfect for a small one-man (or woman) company with more than 20 call-outs each month.

However, if you have a large mobile workforce and different responsibilities for your back-office staff then you’ll want to upgrade your account to match how many users will be accessing the system. But don’t worry, the more users you have, the cheaper the ‘per head’ price becomes.

A SIGN2BILL account for 2+ users gives you reliable workflow automation, smarter retainer management and detailed financial tracking because the following features become enabled:

  • Ability to set up multiple user profiles with different permissions (Eg Report Manager vs Task Manager)
  • Tracking call-outs and charges associated to a specific Asset on the request of a client
  • Ability to create temporary sub-contractor/ freelance user accounts
  • Powerful post-job reporting: job card status and history, breakdown of staff activities and payments due.
  • Remote (off-site) client signature capabilities and workflow tracking on unsigned job cards
To set User profiles and access rights:

SIGN2BILL allows you to have different permissions and roles for your Users so that there’s no risk of confidential billing and/or customer information being editable or viewable by all your staff. Every User can be set up with relevant accesses easily.

  1. Click on Manage in the left hand menu
  2. Click on Users List
  3. Click on the Add User button to add a user
  4. You can specify the roles of each user accordingly:
    • Admin User will have full access to the system.
    • End User will be able to allocate or close job tickets only.
    • Report User will only see reports.
    • Task Manager can allocate and manage ToDo tasks to your mobile workforce.
    • Contractor is for a temporary user who’ll only be able to see and action job cards tasked to them. A Contractor User will not see any other parts of SIGN2BILL.



It all starts with defining the Categories for the range of services and goods your company has to offer the customer-base i.e. those billable and non-billable elements of your service-offering that will appear on an invoice:

Set up your company’s Services/Goods and their Categories:
  1. Click on Manage: Goods & Services in the left hand menu
  2. List descriptive Categories for all the goods & services you offer plus how/what each is measured (eg rands/ quantity) for charge-out purposes.
  3. Add all the line items, billable or non-billable, per Category, as they might appear on a job card instruction and invoice.

NOTE: There is no limit to the number of Categories or line items you can add to your account.

The next step is to then create profiles for those businesses or individuals that your company does work for, either on a COD/monthly invoicing basis (ie General customer), or as part of a retainer (ie Retainer customer) service.

To set up your Customers in SIGN2BILL:
  1. Click on CUSTOMERS: GENERAL OR RETAINER in the left hand menu
  2. ADD your customers’ details
  3. Click on the + icon to add the details of any BRANCHES you might do work for

Take a look at the other fields – they are self-explanatory – this is the information that will appear on a job card and finally the invoice. If you are creating a Retainer Customer profile, the system allows you to set up different retainer periods and conditions. Each time you on-board a new customer and/or branch, you need to follow these simple steps.

Next you need to identify the range of Goods & Services that each customer can request and then customise the charge-out details of each service item so that it appears on their invoices correctly.

Customising your Goods & Service offerings per Customer/ branch:

Do you want to benefit from everything in one place, in the cloud, and automated – no more paperwork, no more mistakes, no more duplicated data capturing steps? This final set-up step will ensure automated job ticketing workflows that track and match each service request with the correct charge-out costs for that particular customer, even if they are on a retainer. AND you’ll never be at risk of doing tasks at a client or branch that are not part of your service level agreement again. We refer to this pairing up step as LINKING.

  1. Click on CUSTOMERS: GENERAL OR RETAINER in the left hand menu
  2. Click on Link Goods & Services and select the Customer name from the drop down menu
  3. Start listing the Categories and then the line items that the customer is likely to request on a call-out.



SIGN2BILL takes the pain out of assigning tasks or call-out service requests to your employees. If they’re on the road, the system will automatically send them email notifications of job cards that have been assigned to them. When they login to SIGN2BILL they will immediately be directed to their ToDo list of tasks. A User with ToDo Manager permissions will be able to create and assign tasks.

To assign a ToDo task:
  1. Click on ToDo List on the left hand menu
  2. To assign a New ToDo task to one of your employees, click on the Assign To drop-down list
  3. Follow the self-explanatory prompts to identify the Customer/Branch and the completion deadline

NOTE: If you are a FREE subscriber, or only have a single User account, you will not be able to assign the task to anyone else but yourself.

If you are a Paid Subscriber with multiple users, then additional features will be enabled for streamlined job card management and workflows:

  • Asset allocation and tracking – a useful way of tracking service requests and costs incurred against a specific item
  • Offsite (remote)signing off of a job card by the client
  • Assigning a job ticket to a (temp) contractor or freelancer

If you want to know more about the features enabled for Paid Subscribers with multiple user accounts, then click here*



SIGN2BILL tracks customer approval. Once a job is complete, all the satisfied client has to do is sign the completed job card off on-screen. A job card can be created either once a ToDo task has been completed by your onsite technician, or it can be created independently of the ToDo function.

To create a jobcard:
  1. Click on Jobcard on the left hand menu
  2. Select New Jobcard and complete the self-explanatory fields
  3. Once the job has been completed, get the client to sign on-screen. You can even email them a copy of the completed job card right away.

New Functionality: The ability for a Client to sign off on a job card ticket remotely can only be enabled on a Paid Subscription account. Not available on a FREE account.



SIGN2BILL lets you look good with professionally branded job cards and invoices, seamless processes and all activities performed on a call-out are easily noted on the system. Charging your customers for work done is streamlined and accurate with SIGN2BILL’s cloud-based system. What’s more, signed-off job cards can be searched for and simply emailed to the client as proof of services completed.

To view job card status’:
  1. Click on Jobcard on the left hand menu
  2. You can choose to view completed Jobcards or, if you have enabled the Remote Signatures function, (only available to Paid Subscribers), the list of jobcards waiting to be signed off still
  3. You can choose to view or email any existing job card or print it as an invoice, with your branding in place. You can even choose to extract all your job cards, for a specified time period and/or Client, into EXCEL easily.



SIGN2BILL gives you 2 significant views of the productivity of your team and the amount of work being completed or job cards in the system:

  1. There’s the Dashboard for a quick and easy summary view of how many customer’s you’ve serviced and what the top ranking services are, MTD, as well as how many job cards you have open currently.

    For a quick overview:
    The central dashboard will immediately show you:
    • How your staff resources are being allocated
    • Analyse what services are being used the most,
    • The profitability of each service
    • Weigh up service fees versus labour time and
    • Assess what components of each job are the most profitable or costing the most
  2. Then there’s powerful Reports that can be drawn (in Excel or viewed on screen) detailing various aspects of your business.

    At a glance:
    The REPORTS can show you:
    • Job Card Reports: a full index of the job cards in the system over a specified time period, for the selected Customer;
    • Summary and Detail reports for Retainer and General Customers; these reports link to the job cards for the specified time period and show useful information like what service requests are being made, which technicians are responding to the tasks and the costs associated with the call-outs
    • User reports which help you identify how each of your mobile workforce spend their time, and on which clients are the busiest
    • IF you are NOT on a FREE version of SIGN2BILL then you can also draw a report on behalf of your Client, detailing the call out costs associated with a particular asset of theirs. This is the Asset Report.
    • Your Report Manager User will also have the correct permissions to be able to pull the Remote Signatures report identifying job cards that have already been emailed to a client but where the sign-off is outstanding still.

It’s this kind of professionalism and easy workflow processes that make SIGN2BILL an invaluable field service management tool for the service industry and any business that needs to simplify their billing processes and keep track of their mobile workforce.

Contact us for more information about SIGN2BILL and how it can simplify your billing process.