I’ve signed up for SIGN2BILL – now what?

Great News!
You have taken the first step to a simpler life.

Now lets go through the basic set up steps.

1. Creating your Company Profile

Click on the menu item Account Details and select Company Profile.

  1. Set up your company details – including VAT number, the address and your company logo as they should appear on your job cards and invoices.  
  2. Enable the desired features available to your subscription profile.
2. Add Goods & Services

Click the menu item Manage and select Goods & Services.

  1. Setup a list of the Goods & Services offered by your company and the measurement for each Category(the Unit Type) for charge-out purposes:
    • Hours
    • Kilometers
    • Money
    • QTY
  2. List your billable/non-billable component items for each category by clicking on the + icon next to each Category name and Add Item
    • Add your Default Cost for each of these line items so that you don’t have to always remember or calculate what each item is costing your business to start with.
  • Note: When your account was created, SIGN2BILL added example Goods & Services categories and items for you. These can be deleted or changed and edited as you want for your company.
3. Add General or Retainer Customers

Click on the menu item Customers and select either General or Retainer. 
Complete the Customer profile and add branches if applicable. 

4. Linking Good and Services

Click on the menu item Customers and select Link Goods & Services.

  1. Select the customer from the available list of customers. 
  2. Choose to either Link All or Link Individually.
    • Link All will link all available Goods & Services to the selected customer. 
    • Link Individually allows you to choose which Goods & Services to link to the select customer.
5. Creating your first Job Card

Click The Jobcards menu select New Jobcard.

  1. Select the customer from the available list of customers. 
  2. If applicable, select a branch for the selected customer. 
  3. If applicable, select an asset for the selected customer. 
  4. Add the service details that will appear on the invoice for the Job Card. 
  5. Get the customer to sign off the Job Card electronically by signing on the screen and clicking the save button.
    • If the remote signature feature is enabled. The user can email the Job Card to the customer to sign off remotely. 

It is easy to use SIGN2BILL to create, allocate, track, report on, and invoice completed work orders.