What’s New

Welcome to What’s New.
Here you will find release notes for all new bug fixed and new features in SIGN2BILL.

Release 2.5

  • We added four new features for you and have added a couple of general improvements and new menu items. 
  • If you have any feedback for us, use the Submit Support Ticket in the SIGN2BILL app.
  • Cost Estimates
    • You can now create a Cost Estimate, add the required Goods & Services and send the Cost Estimate to the customer for their approval. After the customer has approved the Cost Estimate, you can convert it to a To-Do item and allocate it to a user.
  • Stock Items
    • You can now mark QTY items as stock items in Goods & Services. Establish the Reorder Level for when stock has to be restocked and the Maximum Level to which restocking is possible. 
    • You can make stock Adjustments and do stock Take On.
  • Billing Cycles for General Customers
    • In Billing Cycles, you can now close off a billing period for General Customers. 
  • Export to Xero Accounting
    • You are now able to export your billing from SIGN2BILL in a format compatible with Xero Accounting. To do so, you have to add an Account Code to your Category and add Tax Type and Item Code to your Items in Goods & Services
General Improvements
  • Prevent duplicate entries for:
    • Customers
    • Branches
    • Goods and Services

Release 2.2.1

  • Contractor Profile (for a 2+ user account only)
      • A Contractor user profile can only accept a job from a To Do item and will not be able to view or access the rest of the system. Contractors cannot create a new job card either. Once the Contractor accepts the To Do item the screen will open the job card and the contractor can complete the ticket.
    • User Reports
      • A detailed report of the job cards completed by your individual staff members over a specified time period: now you can see which client’s your workforce have been focusing on and a breakdown of their call-out activities.
    • Billable and Non-Billable Items
      • This feature offers the person closing a job card the ability to indicate if the tasks they have performed are non-billable. This typically is used to record work completed even though you don’t want to bill for it. All reports have been updated to reflect billable and non-billable records.
General Improvements
  •  If a job card is opened automatically from a To-Do item, you cannot change any of the client’s details.
    • On closing a To Do item and completing the related job card, the user will be taken straight back to their To Do list.
    • On closing a To Do item and completing the related job card, the user will be taken straight back to their To Do list.